Hexagram 30: Li—The Clinging, Fire

Fire on, fire off, fire
under fire, animal fire,
female fire. Moon days,

beautiful cattle
in the valley, the world formed
Ming Zhao soft, tears of

Noriyuki, world
of vegetation and soft
yellow tomorrows.

The Shoe King is wrong!
Like saying: Chiang Kai-shek has
assumed the functions

of old people on
a day of hard pretend. A
drum, an earthen jar

of PR and song,
can be burned long before tears
without tolerance,

folded sudden and
ugly into battle with
a hard quartet of

states, participates.
It’s no blame to be eighty;
no blame to be dead.

[Original Chinese (auto-detected as Chinese Simplified) via Bing translator]


Hexagram 30

Hexagram 30