Hexagram 38: K’uei—Opposition

Two women living
together: their aims are peers,
top against bottom.

Heaven and Earth are
about the same; men, women,
everything Kui and

in its class; Johor
turns upward to SLA.
As it is said: a

gentleman regrets
death, not losing a horse. Death
is resettable

for the guilt-free, not
the wicked. A gentleman
will not vary: lay

blame in the master
lane without conceding the
road. Like saying: with

Shi-coated bovine
valves, a man has no end and
no beginning. In

Corfu, Zhixing will
regret inappropriate
trolling. Just as well:

the Jue Eater comes
in a ghost car to place blame
and to celebrate

Bandit Cole’s wedding.
It’s like saying: whenever
it rains, the dead are

suspected. After
the rain: the first arc of fire
and Mr. Cheung’s death.

[Original Chinese (auto-detected as Chinese Simplified) via Bing translator]


Hexagram 38

Hexagram 38